When and where are pictures?

Pictures will be taken in the Adult Forum/Piece & Sew Room.

You may enter through the back doors of the church and be right where you need to be!

September 24th -27th

2 - 8:30 PM

September 28th

10:30 AM - 4 PM

When do we view our pictures?

You will be able to view your pictures immediately following your photography session.

Each household will receive one complimentary 8x10 photo, mailed directly to you.

All other sizes and amounts must be purchased and will be ready in time for Christmas mailing.

If you do not wish to purchase additional photos, that's okay! No sales pressure, AT ALL.

Each household will also receive one complimentary pictorial directory, to be distributed at St. Paul.

Can our whole family have a large family portrait taken?

Yes! Just let us know when you sign up so we're sure to mark the appropriate time slots for you.

Each household will have pictures taken for the directory and a large photo will be taken. The complimentary 8x10 pictures will only be of individual households. The larger family portrait must be purchased.

Can my pet be in my picture?

Yes! Please let us know you're planning on this when you sign-up so we can let the photography staff know.

"I'm not able to get to St. Paul for pictures because:

I am unable to get out of the house,

I'm in college,

I'm serving in the military,

I'm on vacation the week of photography,

I'm living out of state at that time of the year."

You're still part of St. Paul and would love to have you in our pictorial directory!

Contact Pastor Rebecca to make alternate arrangements.

How do I sign up?

In-person sign-ups are available before, between, and after each Sunday morning worship service from August 25th - September 22nd.

If you cannot be at worship on those dates, please contact Pastor Rebecca to get scheduled!