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Next Congregational Meeting will be held February 12, 2023.

February 2023 Congregational Meeting Agenda/Packet

  Reference: February 2023 Meeting Minutes

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2022 Council Minutes

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February 2022 Congregational Meeting Agenda/Packet

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2021 Council Minutes

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February 2021 Congregational Meeting Minutes

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February 2020 Congregational Meeting Minutes

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April 5 Special Congregation Council Meeting (To address applying for PPP through the CARES Act)

December 2020 Congregational Meeting Minutes

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Congregation Council - Current As Of January 2023

President: Kevin McJunkin

Vice President: Phil Baden

Secretary: Dave Gram

Treasurer (by appointment): Julian Bell

Assistant Treasurer (To be Appointed by Congregation Council): Vacant

Term Ending December 2023

Phil Baden

Cindy Bonds

Marty Lundquist

Elizabeth Yoder

Term Ending December 2024

Julian Bell

Dave Gram

Faith Kappeler-McCafferty

Kevin McJunkin